A rant… novelty of the new endeavor

Doing something new is exciting.

Pursuing new endeavors brings about excitement of novelty, adventure, passion, risk, reward.

When you start something new,¬†you’re usually able to master the most basic level concepts and ideas very quickly.

This high learning curve you experience when beginning a new endeavor provides a hit of dopamine because You feel yourself progressing through the early stages quickly and feel the success.

At this stage its easy to become overly confident / optimistic about the fruits of your pursuits.

You start following and reading up on the most successful and acclaimed people in your new realm. These people have a large following already. And now you’re becoming one of the many who follow them.

They make it look easy.

They’re the top 1% most skilled in the space. They’re good for a reason.

What they probably aren’t showing is the many years of work that it took them to get to where they are.

Nothing in this life is easy.

Everyone has role models. Everyone admires and respects the greats in their own field.

Everyone desires to one day reach their level. Many of us will never reach that level.

One method that I think probably won’t work is by copying them and trying to do just what they do.

If you do this, you’ll never get there.

You need to break off from wanting to be where they are, and head down your own path into the dangerous unknown.

The path is never easy.

And its not always fun.

But it can be exciting.

And you always learn.

Get out there.

What’s your new endeavor? Share your experiences beginning something new and comment below!


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